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Aberaeron Coastal Defence Scheme: BAM Update

CAS were delighted to host an update regarding the Aberaeron Coastal Defence Scheme from BAM's local representative, Gwen Clements, after last night's AGM.

As expected, there was plenty of lively audience Q&A interaction throughout the update, particularly in light of the recent storms, high tides and the excellent support from the BAM contractors and local businesses for Quay Parade residents. Many thanks to Gwen for fielding the broad range of questions and for confirming the scope of work within the BAM contract.

The scale of the 250m North Pier extension and central walkway along the spine certainly became apparent based on the simulated image (from BAM) below. Not sure if it's a par 3 or par 4 hole ... perhaps it will vary with the tide!

A collage of historical photos of the harbour from the CAS archive was also displayed by Gwen. This will be passed on to Elizabeth Evans of Aberaeron Town Council to decide a suitable location for display in the town.

Bilingual versions of the BAM newsletters were also made available (Q1 & Q2 versions are attached for reference). This includes FAQs, upcoming works, traffic management, articles and photos.

Aberaeron Coastal Defence Q1 Newsletter
Download PDF • 4.28MB

Aberaeron Coastal Defence Q2 Newsletter
Download PDF • 6.47MB

Thanks again to Gwen and to all who attended and participated.


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