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Iona Lockton (née Williams): The Aberayron Railway (2011)

My memories of Aberayron Station as a child are vivid. My friend, Jean Thomas’s father was the Station Master, so we would often go to the station. There was a Waiting Room and a window through which you purchased your tickets. I think there was a staff of 3 in the office. We used to watch the engine driver stoke the fire on the locomotive which, to two little girls was quite frightening. The goods trains used to come in with coal and other goods and the lorries would come up to collect them for delivery.

It was a very busy station with a great deal of activity throughout the Second World War with the arrival and departure of evacuees, and British and American troops stationed at the camp. Sometime we would buy a single ticket to Llanerchaeron Halt and walk back along the railway line picking wild daffodils on the way and having a lot of fun. When I went to College, I used to send my trunk “Passenger Luggage in Advance” (PAL). It was collected from my home and delivered to my College. It was a very reliable service.


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