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12c.    Castell Cadwgan, earth and timber castle built on the coast
15c.    Cywydd (poem) by Lewis Glyn Cothi mentions Aberaeron
1565    Aberaeron mentioned in a survey of the coast
1693    First surviving entry in Court Leet records of Manor of Llyswen (next is 1774)
1748    Chart of the coast by Lewis Morris doesn’t show Aberaeron
1757    Aberaeron Uchaf (Dolau Aeron) built by Lewis Gwynne. Closed c 1815, rebuilt 1852
1769    Earliest known reference by a visitor to an Inn at Aberaeron
1770    Turnpike Trust formed. Presumably a toll gate was erected shortly afterwards
1774    Court Leet (the council of the Manor of Llyswen) records complete to late 19th century
1783    Upper Bridge built 15 yards from the old one
1785    Aberaeron Benefit Society formed
1801    Chart of the coast by William Morris shows Aberaeron
1807    Act of Parliament enabling Rev. Alban Thomas Jones Gwynne to improve the harbour
1807    Harbourmaster Hotel built
1809    First Pier complete
1811    Second Pier complete
1811    Crescent of four houses (Mynachdy Row – Bedlam Barracks) built just north of the Harbour mouth
1813    Storm damaged the new piers
1813    New Lower bridge built (rebuilt 1881-2)
c. 1815    The Feathers hotel built by William Lewes of Llanaeron
c. 1815    Pengarreg House built by John Atwood, son-in-law of Rev. A.T.J. Gwynne (presumably earlier if it was built before the road)
1818    School (Ysgol-Glan y-môr) built on the shore just north of the Harbour mouth
1819    Rev. A.T.J. Gwynne died
1830    Colonel Alban Thomas Jones Gwynne succeeded his mother to the estate
c. 1830    Post Office established in the town
1833    Tabernacl (Calvinistic Methodists) built (enlarged 1869)
1833    Peniel Chapel (Congregationalists) built (remodelled 1857, 1897)
1835    Trinity Chapel built (now Holy Trinity Church); Edward Haycock architect (rebuilt 1872)
1839    Workhouse {now Aberaeron Hospital) built
1840s    Northern Pier extended to the north
1844    Town Hall (for magistrates), market and gaol built
1845    Tithe survey and map
1848    National School established
1861    Col Alban Thomas Jones Gwynne died
1863    Aberayron Steam Navigation Company was formed (existed until 1876)
1864    Salem chapel (Wesleyan Methodists) built (Roman Catholic church 1997)
1866    Act enabling Aberaeron to have gas lighting
1872    British School built (behind Portland Place)
1872    National School opened (now Freemasons’ Lodge)
1872    Chalybeate Well discovered
1872    Holy Trinity rebuilt (chancel rebuilt 1897)
1877    The Aberayron Steam Packet Company, formed, (existed until about 1918)
1878    Siloam Chapel (Baptists) built (now carpet warehouse)
1881    Lower Bridge damaged in a flood and rebuilt
1881    Aerial railway crossed the harbour. Closed about 1931; new one erected 1988, closed by 1990
1882    Tennis Club formed
1884    Last ship, the Cadwgan, to be built in the harbour
1888    Aberaeron became the County Town
1892    20th September. Aberaeron Urban and Rural Districts formed
1898    County School opened
1909    Work began on the new railway line to Aberaeron, opened in 1911
1911    New Upper Bridge built to provide access to the new station
1925    Memorial Hall built
1951    Railway closed for passengers
1965    Last goods train left Aberaeron
2007    Bicentenary of 1807 Harbour Act

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